Miss Taraba, Erica Abe; Challenges, Game of Blame & The Untold Story [BURSTED]

HRM Erica Abe,  Miss Taraba2019/20

Musa Affos  (Rhapsodi)

In this article, correspondant Musa Affos (Rhapsodi) of Rhapsodi Affos Blog writes about the personality of Taraba’s beauty queen, HRM Erica Abe and also the  reigning Miss Taraba, the challenges she faced and is still facing as a queen, why she's yet to carry out a project, the organisers site of the story, audience reactions and possibly the way forward.

Erica Nuhu Abe hails from Wukari LG of Taraba State. She belongs to the ancient Jukun ethnic group. A graduate of University of Jos (UniJos), department of theater and film art.

The Taraba born queen and 23 year-old beauty goddess loves travelling, dancing and writing as her hobbies. In line with her field of studies, Erica is an actress, model and also a script writer with vast experience and high rate of professionalism.

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She emerged the winner of the prestigious Miss Taraba 2019/20 crown which serves as a platform for her to keep carrying out her philanthropic gesture.

Recall, prior to her emergence as the queen mother, Rhapsodi Affos Blog reported that she promised to empower youth via skill acquisition training for Taraba youths, then after making available tools to them using her crown, though a lot thought of it as just a normal campaign promises and probably an oriental hyperbole.

“It's close to a year since she emerged as Miss Taraba but yet to carry out a project “ has been the words of lovers of pageantry in Taraba state and her fans too and many have wondered what could be the cause of such a thing. Others blamed it on laxity on her path, others blamed it on her management and the blame game continued. It got to a stash where some entertainers in Taraba took it to their social media handles to launch  a smear campaign against her and called her out for not embarking on any project.

Though she didn't reply to them and as then she claimed to be on a social media break according to her when she guaranteed an interview to Rhapsodi Affos Blog reporter. She further said she will fulfil all her campaign promises even if she will be out of her tenure as she is a woman of her world.
Recall sometimes in March she declared to visit and sow uniforms for students in 3LG before the corona pandemic that necessitated lockdown.
According to her, she is done with the sowing ofthe uniforms before the outbreak of CoronaVirus and shes presently in Abuja planning to come down to Jalingo , she added that even though the pandemic has slowed the pace of her projects,  she will still fulfil her campaign promises.

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Rhapsodi Affos Blog findings shows that close to 400,000 was spent by the queen while she embarked in sowing of the uniforms before the lockdown of state including Taraba. Others have the opinion that the queen is incapable and also egocentric.  A source who is close to both the queen and her queen makers pleaded anonymity told Rhapsodi Affos Blog that the queen has already spent much and is also working on a project before school resumes.

The source further added that her queen makers are pushing her too far and Erica didn't oblige  to some of their suggestions  and ways.

Another source who prefers to be anonymous also added that  Erica didn't agree to dine with some of the “big boys” in town and that is part of her challenges and rifts too.

Prominent queen organisers in Taraba state have faulted the use of monetary involvement as a determinant factor in crowing queens in Taraba.  They however added that it takes More than just online votes to be a winner and a crown queen.

Will Erica Abe carry out a project before her tenure ends?
How successful will her reign be?

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