Taraba Top10 Songs In 2019

Taraba Top10 Songs In 2019 

Taraba Top10 Songs In 2019  - 2019 has been quite a very successful year for the entertainment industry in general, as several hits were recorded. Taraba state
isn’t an exception because our home base artistes did their best in recording good and quality songs.

Taraba Top10, songs is an annual rating of artiste’s songs by Rhapsodi Affos Blog (RAB) Team and  2018 year won't be an exception.

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This list is culled based on the following
•Good lyrics
•Sound mix
•Rate of delivery
• Promotion & Promotions & Hype
•Air plays
•Covers are not listed
• Gospel songs are not rated
• Not everyone makes the list

Considering the above criteria, take a glass of water, relax and go through the list, feel free and drop your
comments below:

1.DeeYasso - Perfect
2. Mr. Riffz - Coco cops
3. Yerimz - Ebaeno
4. Stain - Jo'ke
5. Faith J - Licence
6. Samsyl - Joanna
7. Tee Ice - Champion
8. Jennie Dee Ft. JayDee - Shero
9. Zrota - Fine pass
10. Zenith Ft. Fanty - Link Up

Others worth noticing

El Nelly - Iretti (Hope)
Kankyi Gangba Ft. Peez - Isolation
Kobo -
Juwell Ft. Yerimz - Polada
Y - Kid - Bounce

  • Necsta – Arm Strong ft Yerimz , Tee Ice , El Nelly , Kobo & Gangba

Skylite Ft. Martino - Street
Ks Ludos - Salary Ft. Bowk & MarTino
Jossy - Milligrams Ft. Yerimz & Kobo
Ramie D - Give You Love
Y kid - Once
Sandii -
Mr. D-Man - Capacity
Edimore JB -  Gbosa
Fanty - Monica
Bowk - Rain
MJ Korrect - Zaman Lafia
El Topzy - Mai Jama'a
KaySoti Ft. RamsKid X Jayzat Bokan Taraba – Farida
Jabih - Jalingo Boiz Ft. Jossy & Gallason

Feel free to drop your comments. Suggestions, thoughts & observation below

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