Group threatens to expose sponsors of smear campaign on Minister of power

An energy pressure group, Light for the Masses (LIFOM), has alleged that elements within and outside the government are sponsoring coordinated  attacks and are bent on frustrating the good works of the Minister of Power, Eng Sale Mamman. The group said its privy to all the plans to discredit the minister and ease him out so that the era of impunity in the sector will continue. It stressed that it would soon expose those sponsoring the attacks.

Spokesperson of the group, Jaiyeola Peters, noted further that the Minister's traducers are spending millions of tax payers money on wide scale negative propaganda and other forms of intervention in top places.

Augustine stressed that the increase in attacks on the minister is sponsored. He said: "Nigerians are no longer gullible. The fact is that the minister of power has come under attacks because he embarked on doing the right thing at the right time. We are aware of the plans. We even know those who are behind these attacks and we know the efforts they are making. In fact, we have plans to expose them soon."

Augustine says the minister is on the right track and that those fighting him are doing so to protect their narrow interest. He said, "the minister has all the facts of the rot at REA and NBET. As a matter of fact, even the anti graft agencies know the rot in these places because they have all the petitions. So we now have a minister who decided to act accordingly and do the needful and we have people saying he's wrong. Corruption is fighting back. Darkness is fighting back. But we are behind the minister 100 percent."

He further admonished the minister, urging him to continue to work for the masses. He said, "this minister feels the pulse of the nation and he's with the masses. So we are with him. Those against him are those who want to keep we the poor in darkness. And we shall resist this."

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