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  • Young lady murdered after been raped in Taraba

  • A final year student of school of Nursing and midwifery  Jalingo, has been messily raped to death.

    Mercy who was a student of Midwifery 300level, meet the 3 evil men of keke riders  around specialist and school of Nursing's bridge who raped and stabbed her to death, when no person or security guard to rescue her on that moment from this men of the underworld.

    The deadly incident happened when the late mercy was returning back to school on Sunday night around 10-11pm from town where she went  for weekend.

    According to an eye witness report, Mercy was raped, stabbed and later found swimming on her pool of blood and was later taken to the near by Federal Medical Center hospital Jalingo where she later give up the ghost this morning Tuesday 5th June 2018.

    Report also has it that, Mercy wasn't the only victims of this unfortunate act by the suspected Keke riders, it was learned that this evil act has been happening but no security has been send to the area to help curb the security challenges affecting vulnerable students at that area.

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