• TARABA Bye Election :Federal High Court Nolifes the Candidature of APC

  • The Case between Jibril Bello and Sanusi Jan Bawale of APC today at
    Federal High said there was an inregularity during the conducting of
    APC primary election. That One Jibril Bello Badaware was illegally
    denied acess to his nomination form for party primary conducted. As
    such in coming by-election of Ardo-Kola Local Government house of
    Assembly Scheduled for 13th January, 2018.the court rules that APC
    has not legal candidate to contest in the forth coming by-election.
    Following the court ruling it shows that APC don't have a candidate
    in the Ardo-kola rerun election on Saturday.
    Please don't waste your vote in APC boxes. Apc don't have candidate
    in the Saturday 13-01-2018, State assembly election Ardo-kola

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